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Tips To Make Money From Your Design Blog

There is so much information flowing all around the Internet and everyone of us is being bombarded with it every day. The enormous amount of information intake leads us to its expulsion after making an opinion on the basis of provided material. The complex network of World Wide Web, in general, and blogging, in particular, enabled us to express our opinions through this unique medium. However, most of us do not really know that our opinions based on our observation and expertise can actually pay us!

There are thousands of blogs on the Internet and millions of people are indulged in blogging. People blog, on the basis of their opinion, knowledge or expertise about a particular subject regarding a particular industry. Similarly, there are hundreds of design blogs on the Internet, managed by designers and artists. Such blogs have tips, techniques, tutorials, how-tos and general informative articles which turn out really useful for a great number of readers. However, here we are looking at it the other way round, i.e. the many ways an owner of a Designing Blog can benefit from it well.

There are some easy techniques of filling up your pocket with money generated from your blog :

Sell The Unused Space

The most common and quickest process of earning money from your blog is to sell the unutilized space on your page. The question which must have come in your mind is how to sell it? Well it is not that difficult as it sounds. Google Adsense is the key to put the first dollar in your pocket without even moving an inch from your seat.

Google Adsense allows you to post its ad on your website. The ad will be consistent with the kind of content you upload on your site. However, earning comes when your reader clicks on the ‘Ads by Google’. The more the user clicks, more it generates money in your account, but there are some precautionary measures one needs to take before getting greedy.

Story of selling your free space does not end here as there are few more tricks of the trade are going to finance you. If your blog generates good traffic every month then you can sell ads for your blog site on your own. It will eliminate the middleman’s role and enables you to come up with your own pricing formula based on your readership or traffic. The above method is certainly a good way of earning money but it is a bit slow and takes month and even years to reap benefits.

Affiliate Your Blog

There is no harm to affiliate yourself with others especially when this relationship gives some money in return. Affiliate marketing is one of the few popular techniques to make your site earn money. In this kind of marketing your blog serves as bridge to let your readers route to other direct selling sites. The common examples of such direct selling sites are Amazon, ClickBank and Link Share etc.

This kind of advertising is usually called CPA (Cost Per Action). The affiliate in this kind of advertising sends potential buyers to direct selling merchants. Then if the potential buyer purchases something, the host web sends some profit to your blog as well.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are not new in the Internet world. It allows the subscribers to receive the information for which they have attained the subscription. In order to do some online business you can have RSS feed ads. There are a lot of companies working in this area and can give you the ads on the basis of your CPM (Cost per Milli).

Sell Your Services

On your blog site you have the opportunity to market your own services along with the general content. In the case of design blog you can make your reader or potential client aware of your abilities through your design. In this way your blog can act as your online business portfolio. You can also put your portfolio of previously done tasks which can be helpful in marketing your services.

Premium Price For Premium Quality

It is possible to charge your readers for your premium quality content. There are numerous websites which upload quality content and to let its reader read the complete article, they ask for a monthly subscription. This kind of monetization requires experienced and high quality content for which your reader feels like giving his money to you. The design blog can upload tutorials of different design software which can be sold once become popular.

Job Announcements

Finding a job through your blog can be a real treat for your readers. Job announcements are all time hit technique to increase your traffic as well as ensuring the reader to re-visit the site for more opportunities to look on.

You can contact to various job portals to post their jobs on your job announcement section by proving your worth through fancy statistical data of daily traffic. The task can be taken up to the next level by approaching for potential employers for specific industry keeping your traffic in mind to get more job advertisements.

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